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What is tabie?

tabie is a kind of service that helping you solving various problems during your trip, our staff will go with you and bring you a perfect experience in Tokyo.First of all, according to your requirements, we will take you to some little-known sightseeing places which are down to earth, let alone popular tourist places. Besides, we also provide all kinds of Tokyo hot spots travel plan for you to choose.On the day of service, our staff will help you with not only buying various tickets, ordering food in restaurants, but also introducing unique Japanese cultural etiquette to you. By providing professional and meticulous service, you can fully eliminate your sense of insecurity in a foreign country and reduce unnecessary expenditure on stores and entertainment facilities.Our original travel design provides a detailed and informative guide to make your trip rich and valuable. This is us, tabie.

The characteristics of tabie


tabie will not provide you an established itinerary like others ordinary travel agencies does. As your wish, our staff will help you to design a journey that can experience a real Tokyo. And they will also take the responsibilities for your tour.


In order to providing detailed guide that is not available elsewhere, we only serve smaller group of customers. And for getting close to each other, our staff will provide you a friendly and relaxing journey.


tabie will provide the service according to the theme you wish to make during the appointment, and our staff will response quickly when you want to change it.


tabie does not just take you to the scenic spots, but to help you communicate with the staff in the scenic spot or restaurant. When some problems happen, they can also solve the problem for you, so that you can enjoy the journey.


When I first went to Tokyo, I was really excited

but there was communication problem, because we couldn't speak Japanese. Before coming, I heard that many Japanese restaurants don't welcome you if you can't speak Japanese. But the three of us want to experience a local style journey, so we found tabie. It really helps us solving a lot of problems, and takes us to places that only local people will know about. LIKE IT!

Join us

We are looking for partners who is willing to work with us. Overseas students, foreign languages speakers or Japanese who like to communicate with foreigners are welcomed. If there is something you don't understand, your superiors will be careful to guide you. If you have problems at work, our company will help you and provide you a safe working environment. Please feel free to contact us.

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